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Amber Mark Remixes Jarreau Vandal's Worth It.

The sultry lovely songstress that always has a more uplifting vibe rather than a melancholic one, Amber Mark once again brings amazingly infectious vocals to a Jarreau Vandal remix of Worth It that she just recently dropped on YouTube May 7th.

Epic. That's probably the most accurate way of describing Amber Mark. She makes you feel alive, and lucky to be experiencing life in general, your problems tend to melt away when listening to her. She might be talking about love a lot in her music but her music makes you think of more than just your relationship, your mind will race, music has a way of doing that no matter the genre but Amber Mark has something special. The two songs of hers that caught my attention and made me a fan were Love Me Right and her cover of Nirvana. I highly recommend checking out both of those.

In Worth It Amber Mark hits incredible runs, the producer put a nice filter on her voice in the beginning giving this track a strong introduction. She sings quite a few different flows on this record; the composition and structure of this remix are honestly impeccable given its a remix, kudos Amber and (possible collaborators.)

"You think you don't deserve it, but you are so damn worth it, BABY!" the ending phrase rings out in your mind as Amber Melody brings you on a whirl wind of melody and belting...ending with an abrupt cut off that fits perfectly.

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