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Bizzy Bone Dons Steampunk Fit in Murder For Hire

Someone I feel who is long underrated and not to be fucked with in the rap game is that of the legendary Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs N Harmony. The chop rapping, the high pitched singing paired with the insane speed and the lyrics that come from a life lived through incredible trials and tests. Bizzy Bone gives me chills every time I hear him, he's second to none in terms of technical skill and an artist that should be studied especially if you're a consonant chopping rapper like myself.

If you're familiar with the Wilhelm Duke brand then you know my debut project is the Robber Baron, seeing Bizzy Bone in a top hat with see through metallic goggles spoke to me, making a powerful statement about wealth along with his clearly stated t shirt "HOMELESS LIVES MATTER". The energy and attitude through out the music video for his single "Murder For Hire" is absolutely infectious. To be in your mid 40s and have charisma like that is amazing, props to the Bone Thuggish rapper.

The song "Murder for Hire" gives you an eerie yet updated vibe from the legendary Cleveland emcee, rapping in between steel drums set on fire, and a giant cardboard box, Bizzy Bone blazes through his lines with incredible agility leaving you constantly processing the previous ones...

If you need to bump something fast and motivating to get back in your bag, get back to work, on your grind, or any challenging endeavor, I highly recommend beginning with Murder For Hire by the legendary Bizzy Bone.


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