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Bryan Sperry and The Warriors of the Apocalypse

Free thinking, freedom fighting, and soul liberating artist and sculptor Bryan Sperry has been opening up peoples' minds through his line of life sized mannequins and sculptures titled "Warriors of the Apocalypse".

Located in the East Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, Bryan Sperry has been crafting and sculpting his futuristic mannequins built to with stand the mind control fed to us by the brainwashing cabal.

Once a month Bryan Sperry hosts an open house where he invites the community in to experience the anti-culture that is Warriors of the Apocalypse. If you're not prepared to engage in a life changing experience, best to steer clear of this gallery for you will be put through cognitive dissonance, brought on by your own ignorance to the machine that is. Bryan Sperry is well versed in history, geopolitics, economics, and our current surveillance state, the ideals shine through in his mission statement, the life size sculptures themselves, as well as his music.

In reference to his music, I recommend looking up Warriors of the Apocalypse Hyperion on YouTube, it's a really cool music video showcasing all of his anarchist creations.

Visit to learn more about Bryan Sperry and his Warriors of the Apocalypse!

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