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Chicago rapper Chanse of the Never Falling Off crew drops a 6 track EP, "DNT B A PSSY" full of gritty boom bap beats and grimy, piercingly real lines. Chanse NFO keeps up his consistency and effort in the music game with this latest drop, reminding haters he's got the chops and fuck you if you doubt him.

Chanse NFO starts the record off with DURT, a gnarly track with high pitched bells, featuring a bunch of talk shit get hit quick lines such as "They probably sure of the outcome, that's why you watch when you say something!" The song heavily infers Chanse can back up his thoughts and feelings physically too, not just a person who's one to talk.

LOLA is the 2nd record on the project featuring long time regular collaborator Theisy who also produced the entire EP. "I need some silver spoons for my girls and land for my mom!" Rhymes Chanse and Theisy comes in with "Stick em up, I kill em all for Lola!" The song references what these two men will do for the solid women that hold them down in this life. Chivalry might be dead but not in between the lines of this record.

Track 3 slows it down a bit more and goes for a grime core feeling. "Tell my boss I quit, end the conversation, fuck him, probably racist!" "My girl just bought some bitches, bout to grab some blow and show out!" "Use to fight the cause now I don't use the proper pronoun." A string of lines lead into a hook about Chanse being "so mean" on Drty Bsh the third track on DNT B A PSSY. By this joint on the project you'll get the feeling Chanse don't give a fuck and he is who he is, which makes for the best hip hop...authenticity.

Line It Up gets a little funkier with Chanse beginning the song in repetition with "I could probably just talk some shit if I wanna". The bass line in this song absolutely bangs.

Track 5 is another way of spelling fuck instead "PHUCK!". Chanse details different ways he encounters others being weak and or fake. "I was raised to think a beating was proper etiquette." "Be the first one to quit, that was never me." Through out the entire record Chanse NFO alludes to this idea of the weak man and how he works to the grind to be far from that lazy pile he so often comes across.

Chanse NFO ends the project with the record, ZOO. This song is another gritty boom bap joint where Chanse NFO plays with different up tempo flows and manipulates the timber of his voice quite a bit.

Overall DNT B A PSSY is a slap in your bitch ass face of sonically potent, lyrically piercing, hip hop fun. Original production, dusty beats, pro sampling, and solid bars make for an enjoyable rap record.


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