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Chicago Musician ADAM Stone, and his Ghostly entrance.

Adam Stone is a singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, and musician from Monterrey, Mexico. His music contains elements from multiple genres, he mixes alternative and indie rock with hip hop rhythms and distinguished blues guitar lines to add texture along with melancholic spatial piano sounds. Adam’s live concerts are full of mystery, energy, and drops of darkness as he wears a white blanket representing a ghost.

The first instrument that Adam started playing was the piano. After the piano, he learned to play the drums, saxophone, bass, and then lastly guitar when he was 11. Adam has played for small festivals and clubs in Mexico and Chicago such as Manifest 2019, Uncommon Ground Semifinals, and different bars in Monterrey. During his first year of college, he opened up for two headliners at Uncommon Ground, they were Lucas Jack, and Emma Grace. He has performed in London and at Université Laval in Quebec. Alongside performances, Adam has released four singles. One of his singles “More Than Friends” crossed 2.8k views and continues to grow!

From Mexico to the rest of the world it’s your favorite ghost, Adam Stone.

INSTAGRAM: @itsadamstone


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