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Deloney Reaches the NCAA Finals.

Pimping music. In the most honest way I can describe, Deloney makes music for the true hustlers, players, and bosses of their game. His brand, tagline, and acronym, is "PCP" which can mean a variety of things but mostly I believe it stands for Practice Creates Profit. His music will motivate you to be smooth and cool while you grind hard, save, and invest your money.

My favorite and most notable tracks are Race Day and Corvette Dreams. Deloney produces and engineers all of his own music, with West Coast style instrumentation including his signature electric guitar playing. Deloney has a great mind and ear for composition, structure, and lyricism, his songs carry distinct themes and he sticks to these thematics strictly which make the records all hits in their own right.

Deloney carves out a specific lane and style with his self produced in house ALL DELONEY sound, quite impressive, memorable in its West Coast vibes, unique in its pimp perspective, and will have listeners head bobbing while rapping along to the songs themselves.

NCAA Finals available now on all streaming platforms!


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