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Filmmaker, producer Maalik Falsettos is showcasing Chicago film the way it needs to be told!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Art After Dark Chicago sat down with the film and television creative producer, director and photographer and asked him a few questions.

Full Video + Interview below:

Maalik talked about his upbringing in Chicago, how that has affected him as a film maker and producer, and why he ultimately decided to pursue his passions! Maalik discussed some challenging experiences he's had to overcome on sets, and how he's bridging the gap being the representation he missed growing up!

Maalik also got to mention some upcoming projects he's working on and ones that are available to watch right now!

To view the collection of Maalik’s work and projects he is currently working on, you can go to or follow him on at @iammaalikfalsetto.

INSTAGRAM: @maalikfalsettomedia

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