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GalaxyFiend is an Independent Comic Book Creator

 GalaxyFiend aka Jazmine is a visual artist and graphic designer who is also the owner and founder of Fi3nd Apparel, GalaxyFiend Designs, and Shredder Studios. Her work heavily influenced by Sci-Fi. She is currently in her third year of college doing animation. GalaxyFiend attended Chicago High of the Arts. The mediums and art forms that GalaxyFiend uses come from traditional art focuses such as sculpture, animation, digital designs, digital texturing, painting, oil paint, water color, and 3D modeling.

GalaxyFiend has been working on an animated series for 8 years and she is dedicated to bringing this series to all you sci-fi comic book fans out there! She plans to come out with the comic book first, and then produce an animated YOUTUBE series to coincide with it. Check out her YouTube channel here: GalaxyFiend's overall style and uniqueness is what makes artists like her stand out. She is able to take a celebrity and really bring them to life using a new wave of colors and by adding alien sci-fi futuristic themes to them. One could describe it as Star Wars on acid. Her website features her work and various services she offers such as, digital paintings, drawings, logos, traditional art, and photo editing.

Follow her and continue to check out her amazing work!

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