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Israa Doghman is a cultural explosion of sounds and music on the rise!

Art after Dark has seen great things from this musician and song-writer. Israa has also been a guest at multiple events over the years even being the one of the first musical acts at the beginning of Art After Dark Wien back in 2015.

Through that time Israa has not only given Austrians a new take on her Palestinian rooted sounds but also allowed audiences to understand her culture more through her songs. It is time for women of color to shine! Israa has been a leader in her community by being our Creative Events Manager for our Art After Dark Tunisia branch connecting and managing artists in Tunis.

Israa definitely uses music to express what she is feeling to express light and love to others in her community. During her time in Austria she made an impression and left others full of life and hope.

Israa Doghman is 🇹🇳 🇱🇧 🇦🇹 Arabic, Tunisian, and Austrian and uses these influences to create unique music. I think knowing four languages gives her sound a worldly vibe. Israa is also an actress, musician, and song-writer who is always working.

Her newest song " Walo" is currently out now!


Personal Account: @thedoghmanbubble

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