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Jazz and Fitness: Fusing Two Crafts Through Social Media Hilarity.

My cousin Cameron Krug is an avid jazz pianist, cutting edge fitness expert, and quite the hilarious writer in his InstaGram captions.

That is the simplest way to describe the genius that is my older cousin Cameron; jazz and fitness...COMBINED.

Here's an on point example of the regular artful content you can expect from "Lord Krug"

"Extended band tension (jump stretch + dual NT loop) virid @leberfitness equalizer coiled neutral grip rows #bosuballstball #benevolentboxingbag chest compress pulses, decline sit ups with relentless ballast sphere pulsing, dips with bag in leg vice grip for extra lat engagement, and ballast org grip bbb step press."

and finally the insertion about the jazz music he has playing over the exercises described above being executed by his clients. (Keep in mind, these are the type of exercises I can almost guarantee you've never seen before.)

- "Lars latest Liberetto album is lit!-

Every single post of his has some form of this content or another, if you want to learn things you didn't know possible with the human body, add gold to your vocabulary bank, and discover music you've never listened to...Cameron Krug's InstaGram account would be the place to start.

Check out the band Cameron's a part of called, 'Congregation'.

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