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Krystall Poppin Links with Big Jade for Superstar Rap Album, Flavors.

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Krystall Poppin from El Paso Texas is a name in the hip hop world you are likely to hear and know very soon! She's been incredibly consistent dropping radio ready music, industry level visuals, securing high profile features, and knocking out shows across the country for a few years now. Her collaborating with Big Jade was bound to happen as she's been making similar waves in the industry herself, don't sleep on these buzzing talented rappers!

Together these two have made the 7 track album Flavors, with leading singles Pystall Poppin and 32 Flavors! Pystall Poppin and 32 Flavors have hot visuals to coincide; Pystall Poppin being a high energy, high octane clubbing music video, and 32 Flavors being more of a front yard showing off for the neighbors set piece with beautifully saturated and vibrant colors. The music videos, set design, performances, production quality, both will leave you incredibly impressed; wanting to see and hear more from these two femcees!

From front to back the record is filled with badass swagged out verses from confident women, completely dangerous with the flows and rhymes. If you enjoy the latest era of superstar lady rappers you'll love Krystall Poppin and Big Jade in their dynamic duo, Flavors. "Flavors" is 7 records of hyper-feminine braggadocio genius that both the men and women alike will be reciting the hooks to, the music makes you feel cool, it will make you want to turn up, put on your best fit, and hit the nearest club - just make sure to tell the disc jockey to include Flavors by Krystall Poppin and Big Jade.

Flavors also features DJ Horse and Lil' Keke. Flavors is now available on all streaming platforms!

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