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Lupe Fiasco Pens His Love for His City in “100 Chicagos”

I’ve made arguments before that Lupe Fiasco might have the most elite pen game of all time. Flow and song structure aside, he makes another claim at that title with the ultra lyrical and poetically rapped “100 Chicagos”.

In a simple music video showing Lupe performing the song and a montage of scenes taking place around the city of Chicago, Lupe Fiasco mineralizes the feelings of the inner city Chicagoan, the true Chicagoan. “Not at all prophetic, just chauffeurs in Allah’s Lexus, the realest n***a alive no prosthetics or cosmetics” raps Lupe, while tying a multitude of other entendres before and after this line in 100 Chicagos.

In this record you’ll hear a Lupe Fiasco that is more spoken-word; and not quite as melodic or rhythmic as he usually is. A different side of Lupe Fiasco that might not be everyone but for the people that it’s meant for, they’ll listen.

As he says in the track, “Ain’t no Food & Liquor 3” instead you get 100 Chicagos. Although considering the incredible poetry of Tetsuo and Youth, Drogas Light, and Drogas Wave. He doesn’t need another follow up to Food and Liquor.

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