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Message to the Youth with Diazzy

Elder emcee Franco Diazzy is no stranger to the West Side neighborhoods of Chicago, he leaves everything on the record in latest visual titled "All of Me". In the song he paints many historic pictures while leaving tidbits of wisdom along the way.

"Poor kids with visions to do big, didn't think decisions through, now they're forced to do bids." this line refers to the many ethnic young men that have gone through different forms of incarceration due to a system ultimately rigged overwhelmingly against them. "The 80s and Reagan, they tried to fry us like bacon, how ironic, drop some white, watch us rob and betray us to satan." another reference to the war on drugs Reaganomics era where crack cocaine became an epidemic in lower income communities. Now largely believed that the CIA, along with Big Government and the Big Prison industry purposefully destabilized middle class black and ethnic communities with Colombian cocaine to feed the incarceration appetite. The war on drugs did little else but add to the explosion of imprisoning young black and ethnic men in America. Diazzy touches on this multiple times in his self titled hip hop expose.

After a 13 year hiatus which is still hard to believe considering he's as seasoned as any Chicago emcee talent, Diazzy puts his story on the record with "All of Me", and leaves you as the listener pondering inner city urban lifestyles and the implication of big government and gentrification. Diazzy has seen more than one could probably imagine and because of that has much wisdom to lend his boom bap instrumentals. The lessons bleed through when bumping his music through the speakers. If you're a Chicago hip hop head don't look past Franco Diazzy.

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