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Nik Moody Competes in World Emcee

I discovered Nik Moody the other day once again while doom scrolling but thank god I stumbled upon a white rapper who actually respects the culture and craft of lyrical hip hop. After hosting, running, and participating in two cypher platforms in Chicago; seeing Nik Moody spit; set a fire under me to put myself out there in that way again and start competing on cypher leagues.

Nik Moody fuses cynical bars with mid-west chopping speeds, inner dialogues with personas of himself and in reference to conversations with others. He has a completely new approach to lyricism and emceeing that I believe you haven't seen before. You'll need to look up @nikmoody_ on Instagram immediately upon reading this. After going through more of his IG and YouTube channel, its clear he's carving out a distinct style and sound within hip hop that's completely his own.

For reference, a favorite few lines of mine that stick out, "Hold up, what did you say? "I bite bullets like a gun in my face!" "I might pull it if you get in my way!" "Then do it you be reaching like an OBJ!" I interpret this line as a sophisticated way of saying Nik Moody is fearless when it comes to this rap game, he'd "bite the bullet" and wouldn't even talk if there was a gun in his face threatening his life. Tempting whoever is wielding the piece with "Do it you be reaching like an OBJ!"

We're excited to hear more music and see more emcee "bar fights" from Nik Moody!

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