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Novatore and Friends Shine at Magoo’s.

Novatore booked quite a lineup for his Embrace The Darkness II: Explorers of Experience project release show at Magoo‘s Bar in Bedford Park, IL.

On the bill were myself, Aight Bet, S&I, AM EarlyMorning, Nightwalker, and of course an ending set by Novatore for his new record.

Energies were extremely high, everyone was happy to be out again enjoying live music in a huge hall like space with graffiti covering the walls, and ample parking space since this isn’t a city dive. It’s a huge suburban city venue.

The sound from the beats and hardcore instrumentalists filled the hall with heavy waves of sound. Everything about live music that we absolutely love and adore was present this evening, without any of the negativity. A fantastic night, and a great kick off to Novatore‘s new project, Embrace the Darkness II.

Make sure to stream Novatore on all platforms and look through his wide catalog of videos on YouTube as well!

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