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OnCue Tears Into His Naysayers with "Tax Season."

In a multi colored stripe shirt, and parted blonde frosted tipped hair, standing on a rooftop OnCue raps with a hard flow and slight auto-tune for his track, "Tax Season".

"I was born to star and I learned to embrace it..."when I get to poppin shit lil bro it's abrasive, got a feeling we be getting close, I can taste it, triple double warm up in my zone and its game six." OnCue goes in right away over the instrumental with an uptempo hard flow with his signature slight auto-tune giving the track that eerie feeling and effect. Pairing this song with the simple performance music video was a brilliant idea for simple yet effective visual, it sells the song well.

"April 15th, time's up bitch I'm taxing" rings in my ear again and again as the hype hook gets you turned up to go after what ever it is you need to get after. Eventually "YouTube" keeps censoring the visual for OnCue's lyrics being too real.

Tax Season by OnCue is out on YouTube now!!

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