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Parish and NAC David Pay Homage and Tribute to the Late Mac Miller.

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Mac Miller would have turned 30 years old on Wednesday January 19th 2022 if he were still with us today. He passed on due to an unfortunate drug overdose at the young age of 26. As a hip hop artist myself, the impact that Mac Miller had on anyone pursuing music right now is unquestionable, and even more so for white artists.

NAC David and Parish linked up to remix Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza which if you know anything about that song is a sample of Lord Finesse's Hip 2 Da Game, which lawsuits were filed over back in the early 2010s. As far as the fractal of music goes, this is a remix of a remix, pretty cool how that works out; who knows, maybe one day in 10 years two guys will be inspired by NAC David and Parish to do their own version!

NAC David and Parish pay wonderful tribute to the late Larry Fisherman through making a solid track with 2 long verses from the seasoned emcees. They even film the music video just like the original was filmed when it came to Mac Miller and his homies walking around the park, tennis court, basketball court, etc.

NAC David and Parish each drop dope notable lines worthy of analysis, lets dive in starting with NAC. "Took a while off, switched a couple time zones, to Chicago, told em bout my life goals", I like this line because I personally got to meet NAC David when he came out to Oswego Illinois for the Ever Evolved League Champ's Festival hosted at Moonlight's property. "But I'm never number 2 when I get up on the mic, I got the flu, so sick you would have thought Covid, still feeling good, but there's no need to get poked yet." This line references NAC David skills as a rhymer, that he's as sick as covid but he's still feeling good there's no need for any more boosters or vaccines. "I ain't getting roped in, to all the hype and fear in these lies they spewing on your tv and computer screens." Another dope line about stopping the consumption of mainstream media when it only serves to make profits and doesn't feed you healthy information. "The end is coming, but we do not know the curfew, what's the word dude? I've been chilling in my own bubble." Apocalyptic and alarmist lyricism is nothing new in hip hop, in fact I'd postulate its over done, however when NAC dropped this line I enjoyed it because it seems to admit and acknowledge "the end of days" while also not really caring about it and being cavalier. NAC David and Parish seem to be two chill dudes that have a "knack" for sophisticated rhymes.

Parish comes in halfway through the track with the 2nd verse equally as lyrical! "Be very vocal, Steve Perry, listen, Don't Stop Believing was like an anthem for me!' Parish is referencing the lead singer from the band Journey, which he also references a couple lines earlier. I haven''t heard a rapper weave in Journey and Steve Perry lines before, and for me that was cool and unique. "Connect the sequence, respect the symmetry, you trying to dap me up like we fam but you ain't kin to me, taking that lightly that's a sin to me." Here Parish mentions how he doesn't appreciate people bringing that buddy buddy fake love to him and would rather people just be real and move accordingly.

"I've been a G EmCee, and I ain't talking SUV's but my drive drives on any terrain and that's word to momma B." If you don't catch the double entendre by Parish here about GMCs the make and model of sports utility vehicle, and being a (G)angster EmCee then you are SLEEPING! "All men act (almanac), like I aint read the rap almanac, I'm in the studio going nutty, yeah I'm going almond, NAC." Another mind blowing string of lines by Parish in reference to flipping NAC's rap name for the almanac punch.

White or white passing emcees are individuals and artists that I tend to judge harshly (I'm a white rapper that takes the craft seriously, duh), so it is incredibly refreshing when I receive something that is not only GOOD, but also riffing off of something from the past, while simultaneously paying homage and tribute, and making it new by putting their own flavor on it! NAC David and Parish are two artists that will be on Art After Dark's radar screen now that we've had the privilege of hearing and seeing their dope take on Mac Miller's iconic breakout music video.

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