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Pharroh Afternoon's "Telling Me"

Finely rap smithing a style that seems to mix Young Thug like crooning and sing rapping with lyrical rhyme structure and emotionally felt bars. Pharroh Afternoon is quite a refreshing listen when it comes to new wave hip hop; containing both crisp melody in his composition and solid meaningful lines in his writings.

Pharroh Afternoon's latest single, "Telling Me" is an epic poetic ballad about coming up in Chicago and having realizations that he's growing fast as an artist. In the music video you can see Pharroh performing on the South Lake Shore beaches, on the basketball court hooping with kids, rapping under the train tracks, to rocking a fresh watch and jacket performing in a photo studio. All the fits and threads he's rocking in the visual are of his own creation. In contemporary times rappers need to have hustles and business ventures going for them around the music; notice the dope 12PM Pharroh Afternoon hoodies in the music video.

"I hear what you telling me, you say I'm acting different, cause I'm becoming a celebrity, bout my focus and my job just need a different leveling, got a different type of love and I don't think you ready yet!" The hook is catchy, invoking euphoria and memories, definitely will cause a listener to have intense nostalgic feelings. The repeat value is high and will assuredly have you pressing play immediately after first listen.

"It's a blessing in my city to survive this shit, and the moral of the story is I'm bound to win..." Pharroh sings with a slight auto-tune glaze over the beat, reminding his listeners that the fact that he's made it this far, there's nothing that will stop his success. "I was just a kid but I was always legit, and you can do whatever just go hard off the rip!" Each of Pharroh Afternoon's lines are positive and uplifting, when I mentioned refreshing earlier; it's because Chicago has a lot of hard drill hip hop born from negative experiences and toxic environments. Pharroh Afternoon shines regardless of that, and his latest single "Telling Me", evokes hope.

Be on the look out for more Pharroh Afternoon music and visuals coming soon! Don't forget to follow him on IG: @gso_pharroh and stay up to date on all his latest thread drops by following his clothing brand 12PM on IG:

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