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Sean Beagan's Painting's Help Us Find Our Soul!

Sean Beagan is a painter, film maker, and comedian based in Salem Massachusetts. His style is partial Basquiat as his use of shapes and white on canvas seem to slightly channel the late great. Sean has a way of reconnecting you to your euphoric child like roots in his visually lush yet emotionally still sort of dire canvas work. His way of blending colors to evoke many thoughts and feelings are tantamount to masterful.

Be sure to absorb his artist statement below and follow Sean on Instagram to keep up with his pieces!

"The modern condition has us living in dead times. We are a society that has severed its soul. Anything that can't be produced or consumed for a monetary amount, has been deemed unnecessary. Because this is a false way of living, we are consistently in a state of desire and dissatisfaction. To solve this massive dilemma and escape these dead times, I believe it's important to reattach yourself to your soul, through psychedelic experiences, mediation, a healthy diet and good conversation. My mission with art, is to bring more awareness to this modern condition, and become part of the narrative that reminds people to connect and stay in sync with their soul."

Baphomet, the Enlightened 14x11 canvas

Gaia in Neon 2 (14x11) canvas | hand painted | art


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