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Sloppy Seconds, The cutest UNISEX accessory brand by Aaliyah Estell

Aaliyah Estell 🟥 creator 🟦 stylist 🟨 fashionista is the owner of a beautiful and creative accessory online brand and the items in her store are absolute must haves!

Affordable hand-made jelwery. No one wants to buy from mass manufacturers and huge brands supporting billionaires anymore! We want authentic original pieces that we can flaunt through the streets. Sloppy Seconds brings that!

Sloppy seconds has jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, lighters, and even customized jewelry commissioned to order!

"We’re number 2!!” The sloppiest, unisex accessory brand to crash land on planet Earth. DM for Q’s. Shipping every Thursday.


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