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SPOTLIGHT:Tattoo Artist and Digital Art Creator - Kiwi

Born and raised in Chicago, Kiwi moved out to California in 2014 and started tattooing professionally in 2020 due to being laid off as a result of the pandemic. Kiwi has always loved drawing, as she started at a young age. Her transition into tattooing wasn't that difficult because she has amassed much experience creating digital illustration. She got her start by tattooing herself until she was comfortable with her expertise to start tattooing pieces for others. As Kiwi has been steadily coming up in the tattoo world, she would have liked to receive guidance from a mentor, so she works hard to learn as much as she can to be share her knowledge to other young tattoo artists.

Kiwi has experience with many different art forms but tattooing has by far been the most fulfilling line of work. She wants to bring more recognition to black womxn and non-binary tattoo artists in an industry dominated by men and racism.

Kiwi currently takes residency in Downtown LA at Panda Boy Ink. Stop by and get work done by Kiwi when you're in Los Angeles next!


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