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Tae Rose's Too Late For Help

Tae Rose’s Too Late For Help

LA based rap artist and producer Tae Rose drops his 4th tape in 3 years titled, Too Late For Help. The Cincinnati Ohio native fuses his west coast styled production with Triple 6 Mafia esque rap flows and contemplative hustler-player lyricism. Imagine a gangster Wiz, stoner Pac, or player Cudi (only for comparison’s sake); and Tae Rose hits these vibes immaculately whilst carving out his own signature sound, image, and feeling. Tae Rose is versatile, dishing out quite a few different flavors. Beyond the mundane trivialities of compare and contrast, Tae Rose is a different type of hip hop artist, something you only hear from unique midwest to LA transplants, and one you’ll have to hear for yourself.

In Too Late For Help, Tae Rose presents an overarching theme of having to let go of certain women so he can focus and continue leveling up his bag. There’s no question he’s ran into more than a few people in LA who want to waste his time, Tae Rose doesn’t waste time as is made clear on tracks like Honey’s Therapy, Toss It, and what happened?

In Honey’s Therapy Tae Rose sing raps, “Cut me loose, like its nothing to do!” and then proceeds to make different lines off of flipping the “cut me loose” phrase. This song will have you vibing, head rocking and also slightly introspective. It reminds me of a pop Kendrick Lamar hook; catchy and relatable, yet deep. Again we hear this idea of cutting off a lady or two, Tae Rose conveys these themes in a relaxed way, and he’s not bothered by such events. Perhaps it's just like seasons of the year, relationships come and go.

In Toss It, Tae Rose hits this wild hook with “I think I lost my mind, I’m bout to spazz out, I think I lost my mind, I’m bout to cash out!” The way this hook rides over the beat makes the track just bang. Later Tae Rose raps, “Boy you bogus, all that hocus pocus, n***as know we soldiers!” The run he hits there flows really well. Toss It is definitely a turned up record, it will have you moshing in the middle of the crowd given the right circumstances! He later mentions that his “Versace’s look like Men in Black”, which is just a dope thing to say.

Tae Rose having dropped 4 projects in 3 years is heating up big time for a solid run. His latest tape is for the streets, the club, the radio, and even a morning drive before roasting this blunt. Be on the lookout for more Tae Rose tunes coming soon; I’m sure the records will be well curated and tasteful considering the replay value of Too Late For Help! Too Late For Help by Tae Rose is streaming everywhere!

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