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WMHM:The Female Abstract Expressionist, You MUST KNOW, The Female Faceless.

Alexis Stroman-Varela was born in 1986 on the beautiful island of San Juan, Puerto-Rico. She is an American raised multidisciplinary artist who is creating original unique pieces. Her heritage as a Latina plays a strong role in her works!

The term Abstract Expressionism is mostly remembered during the time of Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning who was one of the worlds most popular artists during the 20th century. We can't forget about the women that paved the way and the new women who are making their place in the art world. But the women who helped develop and push this particular style forward have since fallen out of the art-historical spotlight, their name and careers diminished from the recognition they deserve, rather than be recognized as pioneers in their own right.

There is one woman who is pushing abstract expressionism, The Female Faceless, residing in La Puente, California with her husband, cats and dogs since 2005. Alexis is making her way and has become a popular artist in the commissions world. Her work addresses identity, animal rights, colonialism, gender, and race in Puerto Rico as well as the United States. She has gone on to describe her work as primitive, post-vandalism, and minimalist fine art. Her works burst with big swooping lines, vibrant color overlays and shapes that sometimes represent the human anatomy.

By examining her artwork you can see where she gets a lot of her influences from greats such as Francis Bacon, Frida Kahlo, Edvard Munch, Anthony Lister, Goya, Jean-Michael Basquiat, Keith Haring, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali to name a few.

She creates paintings, ceramics and sculpture, hand-made earrings as well as custom hand-painted skateboards! We look forward to seeing what this artist will continue to do and pave the way for more women of color!

Visit her website or Instagram for your next original THE FEMALE FACELESS commission!


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