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Trevor Pilz and Broken Robots Team Up For Bada Bing!

Trevor Pilz and Broken Robots (Kat Baker, Tony Baker, Lonnie Phillips,) wrote a new hit single together titled Boom Bada Bam Bing, produced by Broken Robots at Hot Mess Records, with Kat Baker and Trevor Pilz sharing the chorus.

The song was immediately surprising as Trevor Pilz channels a mixture of B-Real and Eminem with his flow, diction, and lyricism. He’s definitely mastered the cadences and style in which he records rap verses.

“Fuck a metaphor, cause this the metamorphosis, tell a hater we don’t need your assistance” the beginning string of lines by Trevor Pilz hook you in and take you on an authentic hip hop journey complete with a two part hook with Trevor’s rapping and Kat Baker’s singing.

Entirely produced at Hot Mess Records, the bass and guitar lines are funky yet simple with much headroom in the mix to allow for a solid vocal sound for Trevor Pilz and Kat Baker. This isn’t the first time Broken Robots have sunk their robotic clamps into hip hop, and I certainly hope it won’t be the last as they bring a sonic richness to their mixes and compositions, pay attention to Tony Bakers guitar playing on Bada Bing!

This record is my introduction to the talented emcee Trevor Pilz, and I hope he will continue with his musical journey as he’s impressive, different, with a clear appreciation for hip hop’s roots. You can tell with his vocal style, flow, and lyrics he’s not here to play around, but rather to hone the craft of rhyming.

“And they wonder who was evil, police killed Jesus and they wonder why I’d move illegal” raps Trevor Pilz leading into a string of pre hook bars, the record seems to be an anthem of the mindset behind the emcee's world view. Middle fingers up to the system, especially to the cops that make everyone’s lives more difficult. If you got to Trevor Pilz Instagram he quotes Huey from the Boondocks “Jesus was black, Ronald Reagan was the Devil, and the government is lying about 9/11.”

Being an avid alternative thinker, Trevor Pilz might be your cup of tea if you need detachment from the matrix for a while, who else to detach with than some Broken Robots?

Go stream the new Hot Mess Records production by Trevor Pilz and Broken Robots available on YouTube and SoundCloud Friday October 15th. The single will also be accompanied by a lyric visual on YouTube!

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