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White Noize: The Definition of Underestimated

White Noize is an artist who defies expectations, and his debut hip-hop album, "Underestimated," truly exemplifies this theme. Despite his day job crunching numbers in an office, by night he's a captivating performer, gracing stages like the Subterranean in Wicker Park and the Hairpin Arts Center in Logan Square.

"Underestimated" was accompanied by a 5-week consecutive performance series called "The Underestimated Series" at the Lyrics and Libations open mic, which can be found on YouTube. I had the pleasure of witnessing every set, and White Noize's growth and explosiveness were incredible! My personal favorites from the album are "Next Up" and "Victory Lap."

Don't be deceived by his image, age, or brand. White Noize possesses incredible flow, lyrical prowess, and an undeniable presence. He embraces and transcends the usual criticisms and stereotypes associated with his craft, putting it all into his music.

The album kicks off with "Lonely Hearts," where White Noize emphasizes the importance of self-reliance. He dismisses concerns about his appearance, focusing instead on the consistency and dedication required to excel as an emcee. His line, "They can't knock me off my Pegasus, that's my high horse," cleverly references the mythical winged horse, symbolizing his determination and success.

In "Beautiful," White Noize explores the concept of beauty. He finds beauty in the struggle, the hustle, and even in the face of adversity and criticism. The track weaves together different rhymes, situations, and ideas, showcasing White Noize's ability to remain positive when faced with challenges.

"With It All" exudes an 80s racer flick vibe in its melody. White Noize exudes confidence both in his lyrics and his voice, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and the pursuit of success. His line, "Fuck a fucking hater man, learn to drown them out," delivered with perfect timing and humor, never fails to resonate with the audience.

"Timeless" opens with an intriguing echo effect on White Noize's voice, setting the tone for the track. He focuses on seeing things from a different perspective and being driven by financial success. The track hints at the timeless desire for wealth and achievement, symbolized by the pursuit of gold.

"Real" is a straightforward track about authenticity. White Noize declares that he will keep it real regardless of what others say. He encourages listeners to ignore the cynical and critical voices, aiming for the pinnacle of success. Meeting White Noize in person only reinforces his authenticity and genuine nature.

"Reflections" details White Noize's journey from making no music to collaborating with other artists. He emphasizes the importance of earning respect and dismisses those who undermine him. The impeccable rhyme scheme and structure highlight his skills as a rapper. Each track on the album serves as a reflection on his path thus far.

"Next Up" is an absolute banger that never fails to ignite the crowd. White Noize's performance at the Lyrics and Libations Logan Square event was electrifying, with everyone getting loose, dancing, and vibing to his infectious flow. The hook and verses blend seamlessly, creating an unforgettable experience.

"Can I" is an introspective track where White Noize contemplates his future as a rapper. He questions his potential impact on the industry and whether he will achieve success or fade away. It serves as a thought-provoking exploration of his aspirations, but ultimately reaffirms his unwavering dedication to his craft.

In "Talk About It," White Noize shares his past relationship experiences, particularly one where he felt wronged by a woman. He encourages open and honest conversations, using his own story as a vehicle to connect with his audience.'

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