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WMHM: Syd's Sweet Beat is making a name in Chicago and giving us beautiful photographs and make-up!

To kick off our 'Women Who Are Making History Month', we are featuring talent worldwide who have been trailblazing in their industries. We have an amazing photographer and makeup artist we would like to shed light on. African American makeup artists and photographers have been around since the beginning. We have navigated through an industry that hasn't always been kind to us and our skin tones.

Syd's Sweet Beat aka Sydney Miller is a Chicago Make-Up Artist and Photographer with plenty of clientele under her belt, she knows how to execute the boldest looks in minutes—yet make it seem so effortless. Sydney's works in fashion, makeup art, and photography are what intrigues and keeps us continuously amazed and inspired. Sydney is a young beauty photographer and makeup artist who is popular on social media showing her fans beautiful photo shoots and make up compositions!

She is up to date with all the beauty trends at the moment, but she is dictating her own through her powerful imagery and confidence to be unique. Her muse is sometimes herself as well as an array of people of color. She beautifully captures many different looks all while giving ladies makeup inspiration for our weekends out! Sydney's skillful use of light and attention to detail are stunning and make the model's face really pop out. Each of her portraits or photographs suggest a real genuine interaction with her subjects, providing the viewer with a deeper sense of connection to her photos.

Her makeup artistry takes her all over the city and country with an array of clientele such as bridal showers, photo shoots, music video shoots, kids parties and special events! She is definitely the go-to make-up artist and photographer in Chicago. Make sure to follow her and book her for your next photo shoot either as the photographer, makeup artist, or both! And for that she is a 'woman who is making history'.


Go follow her now: Instagram:

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